Assets owned by Brixton Parish Council

March 2018
Updated August 2017

Brixton Parish Council has undertaken the refurbishment of the 4 bus shelters in the village to improve their appearance and effectiveness by replacing the Perspex panels, repainting the framework and providing a seating perch for people waiting for the bus. 

Brixton Parish Council would like to thank The Feoffee Trust and Brixton Composters for their generous contribution towards renovating these important community facilities.


Bus Shelters Refurbishment

Before refurbishment
Bus Shelter


After refurbishment  
Bus Shelter1

After refurbishment
Bus Shelter1
Before refurbishment
Bus Shelter1


After refurbishmentBus Shelter1

Phone Box Renovation

Before Renovation
Phone Box Prior to Renovation

During Renovation
Phone Box Mid Way During Renovation

Renovation Completed
Phone Box with Completed Renovation