River Yealm

Brixton Parish Council had a presentation from the Environment Agency at their September meeting.

Environment Programme - Sept 2020

Brixton Parish Council hosted a meeting SWW and Environment Agency to discuss the water quality on the River Yealm.

South West Water presentation 11th January 2021

Environment Agency presentation 11th January 2021

River Yealm Water Quality Working Group

The first meeting of the River Yealm Water Quality Group was held on Monday 1st March 2021.

Representatives from each of the seven Riparian Parish Councils (Brixton, Cornwood, Ermington, Newton & Noss, Sparkwell, Wembury and Yealmpton) including local people and organisations concerned about the water quality of the River Yealm meet on a six-weekly basis.

Terms of Reference

June 2023

The reports describing the first six months of data from CSI inputs and deployment of the continuous water monitor are able to view on the Yealm Estuary to Moor website

There is also a link to live data streamed at 15 minute intervals from the continuous water monitor 


March 2024
River Yealm Water Quality: findings from Westcountry Rivers Trust Citizen Science Investigations between July 2022 and October 2023

River Yealm Catchment Parish News