River Yealm

Brixton Parish Council had a presentation from the Environment Agency at their September meeting.

Environment Programme - Sept 2020

Brixton Parish Council hosted a meeting SWW and Environment Agency to discuss the water quality on the River Yealm.

South West Water presentation 11th January 2021

Environment Agency presentation 11th January 2021

River Yealm Water Quality Working Group

The first meeting of the River Yealm Water Quality Group was held on Monday 1st March 2021 and the group meet monthly

Representatives from four parishes (Wembury, Newton & Noss, Yealmpton and Holbeton) attended the meeting hosted by Brixton Parish Council.

The objectives of the group:

                      i.        Monitoring water quality  with  regular updates  from the EA & SWW

           ii.    Using information provided by the EA and SWW to assist Parish Councils (individually and together) in reaching an informed and                                           accurate understanding of capacity, housing numbers, impact of new developments, etc. 

                                 iii.   Through the statutory consultation planning process influencing/impacting on the outcome of planning applications for the discharge of foul and                      surface water.

                                 iv.    Working together to raise and introduce measures in our own communities to improve water use and quality i.e. increasing the use of rain water                     storage.

 The group continue to meet monthly