Sherford is a new housing development being built that will become home to some 12,000 new residents. It is the product of over two decades of planning, public consultation, and expertise of award-winning architects, consultants, craftsmen, ecologists, surveyors, engineers and designers.

Sherford will combine traditional design with modern living and feature 5,500 homes alongside shops, businesses, leisure facilities, schools, parks and woodland. 

The Sherford Consortium is a partnership of  housebuilding companies, Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey.   The development will take an estimated 15-20 years to complete. It is projected that 200 homes will be completed by 2017.


Three Parish Councillors and Clerk attend a Sherford Liaison meeting on a quarterly basis to discuss progress and any issues associated with the project.

Sherford Website

To improve traffic capacity and reduce levels of congestion there are planned construction works from 13th June to 31st March 2017 Deep Lane Phase 1

The first brick has been laid at Sherford in monumental milestone for new town.

Sherford Illustrative Plan setting out proposals for the whole of the Sherford New Community. 


Aerial footage of the Sherford site taken in January 2016