Steer Point Quarry Restoration

Planning application for the restoration of Steer Point Quarry was granted by DCC in January 2015 

The official and recorded letter of objection made by Brixton Parish Council in April 2013 to the planning application by Aardvark for the importation of inert waste for the purpose of filling the void as part of the restoration of Steer Point Quarry.

At that time, the Parish Council received petitions from parishioners, the school and through an on line petition (see first paragraph of the letter). This letter of objection from the Parish Council was the result of consultation with the community and through the Steer Point Quarry Parish Working group set up by the Parish Council of local people and 2 parish councillors. 

The Parish Council through the working group later commented on the Planning Officers final report which was presented at Devon County Councils Development Management Committee (DMC).  A member of the working group, who was a resident of Brixton spoke at the DMC in County Hall on the 17th September 2014  restating total objection to this application by the Parish Council and the community.  The application was supported at the DMC  by the Chairman’s casting vote.

In May 2015 Brixton Parish Council  applied for leave to apply for a Judicial Review which was  refused.


Whilst consent was given to the application by Devon County Council, Brixton Parish Council secured the following :

  • a reduction in the length of time to complete the infill from 10 to 4 years,
  • the number of daily lorry movements was reduced to 36,
  • the time reduced to Monday to Friday only (Saturday mornings were in the original application)
  • no lorries at the time of the beginning and end of the school day.

    As a Parish Council we are always open to hear the thoughts and concerns of parishioners and you may like to send your comments and or a copy of any representation to Devon County Council to the Clerk to the Council for circulation to parish councillors so that they have the full range of information available to them when they make their recommendation.