Community Emergency Plan

Brixton Parish Council Emergency Plan is being led by Councillor Williams.  The group has met regularly to formulate the Brixton Parish Community Emergency Plan.

Here is a link to a 3 minute video on You Tube from Devon & Cornwall Community Service which shows what you would do in your household in the event of an emergency - CLEAR Emergency Plan.


Brixton Parish Community Emergency Plan special supplement

Coronavirus / COVID-19 2020 update

2nd March 2020 




Traffic Management

The Traffic Management group meets on a quarterly basis to discuss any issues concerning the parish.  This meeting is also attended by PCSO Potter and Nick Colton DCC Neighbourhood Highways Officer.  If you have any issues you wish to raise please send any details to the Clerk.


Devon and Cornwall Police are keen to educate motorists to reduce their speed and therefore reduce the amount of people injured or killed following a collision with a speeding vehicle.

In consultation with the public through the PACT (now "Have Your Say") process it was established that the speed of vehicles was the biggest concern across both counties.  From this process the Devon and Cornwall Police Speed Watch project was born.  FAQ's



Devon County Council Highways Newsletter
Winter 2019 

Useful Links

Report a problem - Roads and Transport
Devon Highways frequently asked questions
DCC Highways Safety Inspections

Gritting - frequently asked questions 

Sherford Traffic Survey  (June 2018)
Sherford Traffic Survey (October 2018)


VAS statistics

June 2018  Stamps Hill
July 2018  Stamps Hill
August 2018  Stamps Hill
October 2018 A379 towards Yealmpton
November 2018 A379 towards Yealmpton
December 2018  A379 towards Yealmpton
January 2019  A379 towards Yealmpton
February 2019 A379 towards Yealmpton
21st - 26th February 2019  Village Green from Yealmpton direction 
1st - 10th March 2019  Village Green from Yealmpton direction
12th - 18th March 2019  A379 outside Ladybirds Nursery from Yealmpton
22nd - 27th March 2019 A379 outside Ladybirds Nursery from Brixton
10th - 16th June 2019 A379 Village Green towards Yealmpton
1st - 15th September 2019  Stamps Hill from the direction of Sherford 
12th-18th Oct 2019 A379 towards Yealmpton opposite Brixton Lodge Gdns
8th - 15th November 2020  A379 towards Yealmpton 
11th - 18th January 2020  A379 towards Yealmpton  
22nd - 29th Feb 2020  The Green from Yealmpton
6th - 13th March 2020  The Green towards Plymouth 
13th June - 14th June 2020  Stamps Hill


Neighbourhood Policing

The local Police Community Support Office is PCSO Potter.

Brixton is a low crime area but PCSO Potter can be regularly seen in and around the Parish and in attendance at our monthly meetings.

If you wish to contact PCSO Potter please contact him via the main police non-emergency telephone number 101


Brixton is located with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and there are a network of footpaths around the parish including walks by the River Yealm.

These paths are maintained by Devon County Council but are monitored by our 'Parish Paths' Co-ordinators Councillors Huxtable and Wakeham who regularly walk the paths.

There are parishioners who walk dedicated footpaths on behalf of the Parish Council on a quarterly basis.  If any parishioner walks a footpath and notices anything that needs rectifying please complete the footpath inspection form and forward to the Clerk.

A free leaflet detailing local walks is available at the village shop, the Church, The Foxhound and other local businesses


Footpaths Work Summary 2015-2016 Public Rights of Way
Footpaths Summary of Expenditure 2015-2016
Parish Paths Partnership Annual Grant Form - 2016

Footpaths Summary of Expenditure 2016-2017
Parish Paths Partnership Annual Grant Form - 2017 

Footpaths Summary of Expenditure 2017-2018
Footpaths Works Summary 2017-2018 

Footpath Summary of Expenditure 2018-2019

Parish Paths Partnerships Newsletter
Summer 2019
Vegetation Cutting & its impact on birds
Winter 2018
Summer 2018
Spring/Summer 2017
Spring 2016
Summer 2016


Devon County Council bridge engineers have deemed the overhead bridge on Footpath 31 (along the old railway track) as dangerous and have closed the footpath under the bridge until negotiations have taken place with the landowner to make the bridge safe then the footpath can be reopened.  In the meantime walkers are diverted onto Footpath 30 along the estuary bank.

If you are aware of anybody who is responsible for fly tipping or dog fouling please report it.

Relevant Press Releases

Energy Champions On Mission to Reduce Local Fuel Bills   
South Dartmoor Community Energy is aiming to help hundreds of people across the South Hams to reduce their energy costs this winter.   
Call the Energy Advice Team on Freephone 0800 112 3044. 

South Dartmoor Community Energy are running a series of free 1 hour evening  workshops for anyone who would like to find out how to get the best energy deals for either themselves or friends and family.  The workshops will also cover the extra support available from energy companies, smart meters and home energy saving tips.


e “The Drip – a watery tale” – beautifully animated by Tim Britton of Forkbeard Fantasy – it’s only 5mins long and we’d love you to watch it … and if you love it too, please do help pump it along the water connected pipeworks of your own catchment … the more ‘viral’ the better!



South Hams District Council Recent Press Releases



Love Devon Newsletter

November 2018 
March 2019


Carers Week - 8th - 14th June  

Local Bus Services

Changes have been confirmed for Service 3 (Dartmouth - Kingsbridge - Plymouth) to take effect from Sunday 29th October 2017. The revised Monday to Saturday timetable is opposite.

The service will continue at hourly intervals for most of the day, almost all operating without financial support from the County Council. It will be operated by single-deckers rather than double.

Two journeys which would otherwise not have been continued will be supported by the County Council - the 0615 Kingsbridge - Plymouth on Mondays to Saturdays and, on Saturdays, the 1815 Plymouth - Kingsbridge.

The 0645 Dartmouth - Kingsbridge, 1815 Dartmouth - Kingsbridge and 1930 Kingsbridge - Dartmouth will no longer run due to very low usage that does not justify financial support from Devon County Council (and in view of there being a Dartmouth - Kingsbridge bus at 0615.)

Also due to very low usage, County Council support will no longer retain the 1850 Plymouth - Kingsbridge and 2005 Kingsbridge - Plymouth.

Buses will no longer divert into Slapton Village, the nearest continuing stop being at Slapton Turn. The village continues to be served by the Coleridge Community Bus.






There are some changes for pupils travelling to Kingsbridge Community College. From the Aveton Gifford direction those entitled to County Council-assisted travel will be transferred to a dedicated school coach. This will leave sufficient capacity for non-entitled pupils using the Stagecoach bus service and paying their own fares to Kingsbridge. From the Dartmouth direction, on the basis of an arrangement brokered with Kingsbridge Community College, there will continue to be sufficient capacity on the bus service for both entitled and non-entitled pupils, although ticket prices will be increased to cover the cost of providing this. The County Council does not commit any bus support budget towards capacity for pupils not entitled to County-assisted school transport.

The County-subsidized Sunday & Bank Holiday service between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge continues unchanged.


Plymouth to Dartmouth Timetable  

Dartmouth to Plymouth Timetable